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Max áram (1 percre) 200A
Folyamtos áram 80A
Visszatöltés Igen
Feszültség 24-144V


288.639 Ft
Gyártó: Kelly Controller
Szállítási díj: 6.459 Ft
Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt
Elérhetőség: Nincs raktáron, érdeklődjön!


General functions: 
(1)Extended fault detection and protection. The beep sound pattern indicates the fault sources.Customers can read the error code or message in PC software or Android App also.
(2) Monitoring battery voltage. It will stop driving if the battery voltage is too high and it will progressively cut back motor drive power as battery voltage drops until it cuts out altogether at the preset "Low Battery Voltage" setting.
(3) Built-in current loop and over current protection.
(4) Configurable motor temperature protection range.
(5) Current cutback at low temperature and high temperature to protect battery and controller.The current begins to ramp down at 90? case temperature, shutting down at 100?.
(6) The controller keeps monitoring battery recharging voltage during regenerative braking,progressively cutting back current as battery voltage rises then cutting off regen altogether when voltage goes too high.
(7) Maximum reverse speed and forward speed can be configured between 20% and 100% respectively and separately.
(8) A 4pin connector to RS232 converter and USB to RS232 cable allows for configuration,programming and software upgrades using tablet which should be based on Android OS.People can do the same operation and configuration on PC software by using a standard USB to RS232 cable instead.(Recommend using USB to RS232 cable from Kelly directly)
(9) Provision of a +5 volt and +12V output to supply various kinds of sensors, including Hall effective throttle or pedal type.
(10) 4 switch inputs which are activated by connection to +12V. Default to forward switch,throttle switch, brake switch and reversing switch.
(11) 2 analog 0-5V inputs that default to throttle input and motor temperature input.
(12) Configurable motor over-temperature detection and protection with the recommended thermistor KTY84-130/150.
(13) Dual Channel A/B encoder input to support the speed control.
(14) The power supply of the controller is 8-30V.We specify 8-30V for power supply which must be isolated from main battery pack B+/B-.Usually customers can use 12V car battery or DCDC converter.

1) Intelligence with powerful microprocessor.
2) Synchronous rectification, ultra low drop and fast SVPWM and FOC to achieve very high efficiency.
3) Electronic reversing.
4) Voltage monitoring on 3 motor phases, bus, and power supply.
5) Voltage monitoring on voltage source 12V and 5V.
6) Current sense on all 3 motor phases.
7) Current control loop.
8) Hardware over current protection.
9) Hardware over voltage protection.
10) Configurable limit for motor current and battery current.
11) Low EMC.
12) Battery protection: current cutback, warning and shutdown at configurable high and low battery voltage.
13) Friendly high current terminals, and waterproof connectors for small signal.
14) Thermal protection: current cut back, warning and shutdown at high temperature.
15) Decelerating speed according to the brake rate when brake switch is active.
16) Decelerating speed according to the brake rate at reverse. Configurable reversing accelerating function.
17) Support three braking modes: release throttle braking, brake switch braking or reversing braking, neutral braking. Configurable brake time and brake release time in configuration program.Can program the regen amount in user program for different regen modes.
18) Configurable high pedal protection: the controller will not work if high throttle is detected at power on.
19) Current multiplication: Take less current from battery, output more current to motor.
20) Easy installation: 3-wire potentiometer can work.
21) Support Broadcast CAN bus function.
22) Standard PC/Laptop computer to do programming.There is one more choice for customers to program KAC-8080I controller.Standard Tablet with Android OS to do programming.Need a Z-TEK USB to RS232 cable for connecting the controller to APP program in Tablet.
23) User program provided. Easy to use.User program can be downloaded from our website for free.

•Frequency of Operation: 10KHz
•Standby Battery Current: < 0.5mA.
•5V Sensor Supply Current: 40mA.
•Controller supply voltage range, PWR, 18V to 180V.
•Configurable battery voltage range, B+. Max operating range: 18V to 1.25*Nominal Voltage.
•Max output frequency can reach up to 250Hz.
•Standard Throttle Input: 0-5 Volts (3-wire resistive pot), 1-4 Volts (hall active throttle).
•Full Power Operating Temperature Range: 0? to 70? (Mosfet temperature).
•Operating Temperature Range:-40? to 90?, 100? shutdown (Mosfet temperature).
•Motor Current Limit, 30 seconds: 200A, depending on the model.
•Motor Current Limit, continuous: 80A, depending on the model.
•Max Motor Current : Configurable.

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